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Contaminated Waste Disposal


Do you know if your waste is contaminated?

Do you know where to dispose of it safely and legally?


FGD Limited has a dedicated team to deal with Contaminated Waste Disposal.

We are able to deal with the following:

Classification and Interpretation of Ground Investigation Report / Chemical Analysis

Arrange independent testing of waste materials

Waste Classification including SIC Codes and European Waste Codes

Identify appropriate Disposal Facilities

Arrange all paperwork including Waste Information Form and Contaminated Waste Consignment notes for Duty of Care

Ability to deal with WAC failing contaminated material and Bio Remediation requirements

Waste Disposal


Our sales team will be able to provide you with a competitive quotes and methods to dispose of all aspects of contaminated waste.

Here is a list of Waste we have disposed:


Non Hazardous


WAC Failing

Japanese Knotweed

Hardcore / Demolition Waste (C&D)


Green Waste

Waste Disposal


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